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  • Juha Hakala, Persistent identifiers - an overview, TWR Technology Watch Report, metadaten-twr.org/2010/10/13/persistent-identifiers-an-overview/.
    Abstract: This article describes five persistent identifier systems (ARK, DOI, PURL, URN and XRI) and compares their functionality against the cool URIs. The aim is to provide an overview, not to give any kind of ranking of these systems.
  • Hans-Werner Hilse and Jochen Kothe, Implementing persistent identifiers : Overview of concepts, guidelines and recommendations, urn:nbn:de:gbv:7-isbn-90-6984-508-3-8.
    This report was written in 2006 by the Research and Development Department of the Goettingen State and University Library at the request of the Advisory Task Group of the Consortium of European Research Libraries.
  • Nick Nicholas et al, A Policy Checklist for Enabling Persistence of Identifiers, D-Lib Magazine January/February 2009.
    A six-point checklist has been formulated for integrating identifiers into information management, which is presented in this paper. A major finding from the PILIN project was that policy is far more important in guaranteeing persistence of identifiers than technology.